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DESIGN-Greenlane project

DESIGN-Greenlane project

The land located in GREENLANE is in URBAN ZONE. Due to the advantage of its own condition, the designers are still capable of delivering 13 Units as an apartment project, in order to maximise investor returns.

In this project, the designer utilises the steep slope of the land to design an underground carpark. This design saves the later cost of excavating the steep slope, at the same time provides enough parking spots with optimized space, which in result increases business value for this project.

The whole apartment was designed into three floors with 5 UNITS on each floor with an indoor area between 80-100 square meters for each UNIT.  Despite being a high density development, the design creates a centralised communal garden, accompanied with landscape design and a playground for children. The result brings the quality life experiences in a high density development area.